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For all our precious family friends acquaintances X ~It was the last day yesterday for all those meaningful abstentions, magnificent acts of commitment & the tremendous cycle & tennis training for Joseph X We wish to express our utmost Heartfelt Thank you’s!!!!Good Luck!!!& Take extra Special Care Guardian Angel cycle wishes for our extraordinary Newquay 24 Cyclists Uncle Rich, Uncle John, Major & for stupendous Uncle Steve in Dubai for today until the Cornwall finish on the 4th August. Also for amazing Alfie & Emma for starting & cycling part of the first leg of the journey with our Newquay 24 & for phenomenal Papa Teather & Auntie Janet joining in on the last leg on the 4th & for miraculous Aunt Sally Max & Fin in the support camper X Special thoughts too for magnificent Jacob, Steph, Auntie Elaine & Tina’s Ten to Ten Tennis X These epic commitments for Joe are truly awe inspiring & ensure we remain full of Hope & Optimism X Godspeed with all our endearment & gratitude for everyones continued compassionate support, supreme generosity & for our wonderful family camping in Cornwall~one of Joseph's most Happy destinations X

With Love & Rainbows always~ S Xx

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