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KATE's MAD Marathon!

Updated: May 10, 2022

So on the 4th January, Sally asked if I wanted to do the Athens Marathon with her to support Josephs Journey . Like any sane person every part of me shouted “What? Me? No way!!”, whilst secretly thinking I bet Joseph would give anything to be able to run a marathon.

I spent the next two weeks dedicated to finding real reasons why I couldn’t do any sort of running- having a clicky knee and funny shaped feet featured highly in my list of genuine reasons never to run- ever. I booked myself in for an appointment with Andy Kett who is a physio and works with our local runners, just to give myself solid proof from a professional that my body wasn’t up to it. Sadly Andy found a solution for clicky knee and funny feet...

So I searched for the couch to marathon app- but there isn’t one- and began my couch to 5k journey 5 weeks ago.

So now my sights are set on completing the Athens Marathon in November ( or something similar if we don’t get in)

I’ll post updates on here so you can have a giggle along with me at this ridiculous challenge. xx

Kate (Joe's Aunty) ♡

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1 Comment

Sarah Barron
Sarah Barron
May 10, 2022

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