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Update From Sharon

Dearest Everyone~We continue to be completely astounded and overcome by the extent & continued outpour of Love, Thoughts & Prayers from our precious family, friends & acquaintances taking the time in these unprecedented days to show & express care, consideration and generosity for Joseph.

I have received so many personal messages & anecdotes to share with me memories of Joseph's loving kind & caring nature which have been deeply touching.

The wonderful High Five facebook video clips have been truly inspirational & an enormous solace & comfort each & every day. Joseph unfortunately continues in the stage 2 coma & during the last month has been fighting to also overcome a number of set backs including sickness, pain, altered skeletal muscle performance and a suspected slow bleed re Joe's RIG/Intestinal resulting in a blood transfusion to currently having Aspirated Pneumonia along with the pressure of the further Covid19 lockdown in Leicester.

We are so fortunate & privileged to have such outstandingly remarkable & kind hearted family & friends to advocate Joseph's Journey & enhance our continued prayers for more positive brighter recovery days soon.

I so wish we could Thank each & everyone individually for the incredibly gracious & sensational support and along with my sincere gratitude expressed to our beautiful family & friends on the WhatsApp Family Group updates also special mention to Nick Steele, Lynne Smith, Will Webb, The Captain of HMS Mersey and everyone from the Tutbury Tigers Football Team & my HAH friends & colleagues for their commitment & exceptional fund raising ventures for Joseph.

We wish Uncle Rich, Uncle Steve, Uncle John, Steve, Major & Papa Teather continued Good Luck!!! with the cycle training for the Newquay 24 Bike Ride and for all the awesome motivational commitments for our wonderful Joe.

We are eternally Grateful from our Hearts & Hope for Sunshine & Happy Rainbows on the horizon.

With Love S Xx

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