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Meet Our Lovely Joe

How does one begin to encapsulate a dear Son, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, Friend's 18 years of sparkling & vibrant life to date...

Joseph's arrival into the world on a Sabbath day the 23/12/2001 was rather dramatic & eventful as the "Bonny & Bright" little man needed resuscitation, had a dislocated shoulder & was in intensive care for the first few days of his journey on Planet Earth at Christmas time. Joe in true fighting spirit quickly recovered & proceeded to grow into a fine fit large as life 18-year-old young man. Walking early at 10 months Joseph developed to have a no fear fun active attitude to enjoying & exploring the world around him and loving deeply & socializing along the way with his family & friends.

Excelling & Sport devotee from a young age Joseph joined the local Tutbury Tiger Football Team at age 6 & claim to fame won the egg & spoon School Sports Day race (the only event the Teachers relented he could take part in this year) at age 7 due to his broken left arm from falling off the playground monkey bars!

From swimming to Kwik & Hard Ball Cricket at local & District level to becoming an aspiring Bear Grylls joining the Tutbury Scout Group as a Beaver, Cub & Scout & completing his Bronze, Silver & Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards at The De Ferrers Academy & Sixth Form Joe also found time to join the 351 (Burton on Trent) RAF Air Cadets taking part in fundraising activities particularly the Poppy Appeal on Remembrance Sundays & enjoyed a flight to experience an RAF Fighter Jet refueling mid-air & a Lightning Twilight Night Run with helping & promoting the Air Cadets at Air Shows across the Country.

Joseph's most treasured pastimes are gym, golf & enjoying surfing on family holidays in Cornwall & at Surf Snowdonia near Betws-y-coed in Wales & Skiing & Ice Skating with family/friends & on school trips. Joe's precious late Father played Ice Hockey with the Nottingham Panthers & clearly Joe had a passion for Hockey too as his most favorite sport is field Hockey with Barton Hockey Club nurtured from an early age at primary school & proudly progressing the ranks to play with the Men's First Team & freely giving his time to support weekly training sessions as a coach for the aspiring Barton Hockey juniors.

Music has been compelling for Joe from first hearing the Stereophonics live in Mum's Tummy at 5 months old to learning to play the Drums & also the African Djembe. Joseph has been fortunate to travel & one of his most cherished countries due to a family connection is the Gambia. A few years ago he helped raise money for the families Gambian Pencil Project Faji-Kunda school a momentous & treasured moment being able to meet the beautiful children there.

Joe's optimistic fun-loving resilient nature & kind compassion for others means his mantra is always to look up for the stars. We are praying for a miracle Joe will find the strength & determination to rest & repair his Traumatic Brain Injury & come back to us not believing our stories of when the world also just stopped to regenerate for a while & rainbows became the sign of hope.

Much love & gratitude S xxx

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