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Joseph's Journey Goes On Tour

Hi Everyone, 

On the 23rd December Joseph turned 19, so the fund raising theme for 2021 will be 19……

As of the 23rd December we have all raised a mind blowing £30,724.75.  We are totally humbled by everyone’s contributions of time, support and love for Sharon and Joe.  Joseph is making small steps of progress and does try to smile at his Mum on their daily FaceTime calls.  All of your messages and activity make such a difference to Joe as he is unable to see people in person, keeping in contact is even more of a challenge. 

Joseph’s dream following his A-Levels was to take a year off and travel, he had many places he wanted to visit – actually he has a huge list!

As a team of Joe’s friends and family we are going to travel virtually around the world, taking in his favourite places.

We will track our progress and follow our journey on a map of the world.

Mileage can be achieved through, walking, running, cycling, horse riding, swimming, skate boarding…. Absolutely anything at all that doesn’t have a motor!

We will update weekly on our progress and everyone will be able to update their personal mileage achievements.

If we manage to get 25 people signed up and be part of the team, the goal would be an average of 19 miles per week for each person or team/family to get around the world before Joe reaches his 20th Birthday.

On route we will celebrate our landmark goals with recipes and cocktails from the various countries and we can use this team event to share with Joe our clips and messages from our virtual travels.

You will receive postcards along route 😊

There is no pressure to achieve 19 miles per week, we have picked 19 for Josephs 19th Birthday.  This is purely a team event and all miles will add up.  For the cyclists amongst the team, they hopefully will be able to achieve a few more than 19 and then the walkers can enjoy a more leisurely challenge!


We are aiming to start on January 1st, 2021.  We are just working through a few technicalities of how to run the challenge in the most effective way.  Any ideas on this would be really welcome, the running of the website is quite a mission and if anyone techy would like to help us with updates, we would love the support.

You could sign up as an individual or as a family or a team, whatever works for you.

We are suggesting a donation of £19 to participate, however, this is only a suggestion as everyone has already been so generous with their time and contributions, the key to this challenge is just to join in!

Our goal here is to raise awareness for Joe and to be able to share our adventures with him to help him feel connected to all his friends and supporters at this impossible time.

Once we have plotted the exact route, we will email you the plan and let you know the best way to collate our mileage.

Please email us or message via Facebook and we will sign you up!

All the high fives, videos, messages and all the fund-raising activity in the summer was an incredible achievement and Sharon and Joseph absolutely loved following everyone’s activities.

We really, really want to start 2021 with this challenge and we need as many friends as possible to come together to make this happen.  Who knows, we might get around the world in 80 Days!

Thank you so much for reading.

Love and best wishes

Aunt Sal, Auntie Kate, Sarah and the whole of the JJ Team.


World Tour Map.jpg


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