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GO JOE!!  is HOW all us non-NEWQUAY 24ERS can support this four-day fundraising event for Joseph's journey

Beginning on 1st August (when Uncle Rich first places his foot on the pedal) and ending on 4th August at 1pm, (when Uncle Rich and the rest of the riders arrive triumphantly and a little sore at Treyarnon Bay),  we are challenging all of Joseph's family, friends, and teammates to raise as much as possible in other ways.


The race will be on to see how much we can add to the Go Fund me target of £20,000 in these 4 days and we will all cross the finish line together at 1 pm on 4th August.

We want to create a hub of ideas on this page so please share what you plan to do with us as this may inspire others to do the same, or to join your event. It would be great if we can join some of each others team efforts and to support each other. 


Whether you're having a charity match, Team quiz, baking cakes or doing a sponsored activity (4 days silence, etc), again we would love you to share it with us all.

During 1st to 4th August we will be uploading and sharing your pictures, videos and messages on this site, so we can create a massive online community of events and enjoy each other's efforts and achievements.

Soccer Team

Can I fundraise?

Well of course you can! Details below with a link to the fundraising registration 

All Four One

All Four One

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