Joseph's Journey
Joseph's Journey



Dear all, 

Thank you so much, each and every one of you for your amazing support over the last few months. All of the messages and clips that people have sent in have been an incredible support for Sharon and Joe and in addition, through everyone’s generosity and time, we have raised an astonishing £27194.45.

Joseph remains in a stage 2 coma and has been transferred to a neuro unit in Stoke from Leicester General. This happened rather quickly and unfortunately, due to COVID 19, there are extreme restrictions on visiting. Sadly, under these restrictions, Joe is not allowed any visitors and the only interaction is a daily 60-minute face time exchange.

We intend to invest money raised to support Joseph in further treatment, once the period of assessment is completed and we have an indication of what Josephs needs are.

In the meantime, we would love to put together a DVD for Joe so the staff can play this to him during the long periods where Joe doesn’t have familiar voices around him. The DVD will be a compilation of audio and video clips from all his friends and family. If you'd like to help, please can you record a 1-2 minute clip of a message for Joe.


This could be whilst cooking tea or sharing a memory or chatting about a song…. Anything at all! These clips will only be used for the DVD and not for the website or social media, so please don’t be shy.

Once we have compiled the DVD, we will attach some of his favourite songs (suggestions welcome) and ask the nursing staff to share with Joseph. Joe will certainly miss hearing everyone’s voices and we think this will be a wonderful way for us all to connect with him during this challenging time.

Love and best wishes,

Aunt Sal, Auntie Kate, Sarah and the Joseph's Journey team 




On 1st May 2020 we launched this website and the social media platforms  with the three aims of :

  • Raising awareness of TBI 

  • Raising funds to help support Sharon and Joe with the path ahead, and 

  • To create a space to share things like stories, memories, photos, and fundraising achievements. 

Josephs Journey began three months ago with an incredible 200 km bike ride from Sophie and phase 1 finished last week with Newquay 24- another amazing effort from Uncle Steve (in Dubai), Uncle Rich, Uncle John, Major who cycled 510 km's and were joined for the last leg by Sarah and Steve. Many people also got involved in the GO JOE!! fundraising which ran alongside the cycle challenge with events such as Ten To Ten Tennis.

In between the rides we have seen huge support from some of Joe's sporting teams such as Tutbury Tigers,  and also for our #Highfiveforjoe campaign with so many of you taking part and sharing your clips of the Move, Cook,  Create, Commit and Share challenges. The social media shares have really brought us together as a group and have been so valuable for Sharon and Joe during his time in hospital. With everyone's help we have totally achieved the aim of reaching out to support Sharon during what has been a long period of isolation at Joseph's bedside during the Covid lock-down.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your amazing support and generosity over the last three months. We are thrilled to announce that with funds still to come in, everyone's fundraising and donations has us currently at an overwhelming...



Our Treyarnon Bay soundtrack, written by Joe's cousin Sarah.

We are raising money to support Joseph with his treatment and recovery.

In May 2020, Joseph was due to attend Buckingham Palace to receive his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Until 1st March 2020 Joe's life was full of Club Hockey, County Cricket, A Level's, Surfing, Skiing. You name it he did it, with passion, energy, and a cheeky grin.

On 1st March 2020, 18 years of energy and laughter came to an abrupt standstill when Joe was hit by a car and received a severe traumatic Brain Injury, from which he still hasn’t woken up.


He has already successfully fought off COVID 19 and is responding to basic stimulus now he is at Leicester General Hospital but does remain in a coma.

Although Joseph has made incredible progress and is now able to breathe independently and appears to be responding to people's voices, sadly he still hasn't woken up yet. He remains in a Coma but is definitely making small but positive steps forward.

JOE'S personal journey

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